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Virgilio chooses to approach the diversity of our ingredients in a manner similar to that used by the peoples of the Andes in pre-Hispanic times: through vertical ecological monitoring. According to this alternative way of understanding the geography, land is perceived not as a horizontal plane but rather vertically, so that it takes advantage of all that the flora and fauna are able to deliver according to the particularities of each ecological system. As a result of the dramatic fluctuations in the Andean terrain in a relatively small radius of 100 kilometers (for many farmers this is not a difficult hike), there is direct access to the country’s products from various altitudes ranging from the coast to the Amazon.

Motivated by an insatiable curiosity and interest in conveying the complexity of their land, Virgilio is passionate about traveling and investigating ingredients that can bring undocumented and yet even more wealth to the local cuisine. To do so, through a number of areas: ocean, lower Andes, extreme altitude, and high and low jungles. He also has an interdisciplinary team that complements each new "discovery" in a necessary context that seeks to transcend the strictly culinary and penetrate nutritional, biological, anthropological aspects.

In Central we celebrate the biodiversity of Peru. Fresh produce and an inexhaustible curiosity to discover and integrate new ingredients into the menu bring Peruvian cuisine to the forefront in the heart of the traditional district of Miraflores in Lima.


At Central we bottle water onsite, filtered, ozonated and purified using reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis process traps microparticles, bacteria and heavy metals producing the purest water.


Mater is an initiative of exploration and discovery, in which a multidisciplinary team travels throughout Peru in search of new products and new stories of people. A sample of what makes Peru a diverse country.


Herbs and spices that accompany our food are always at hand.

The idea of a garden in the city, well maintained, allows us to keep in constant contact with nature.

One way to bring the countryside to Central and experiment directly with new product varieties.

Central Experience

The experience that we promise to offer you is the exploration of the diverse Peruvian territory: ingredients, colors, stories and scenarios. To transport ourselves together to different elevations and connect to our environment in a special way. We can begin here by scheduling your visit. Please take a few minutes of your time to complete the requested information so that we can assure the tiniest details will be attended to.

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